So why skulls?

When looking at a skull most react with a sense of shock and horror. But have you ever wondered why skulls are popular? Why people are drawn to skulls? Why do they appear in fashion and in art so often?
From a personal perspective skulls for me and my obsession with them is simple. A skull does not show race, religion, likes or dislikes. It does not reflect gender or sexual preference. A skull holds the story you want to put to it. And the weird thing all people forget about is peel your skin back and we all have one. And the strange fact is that at the end of the day all our skulls are the same. Maybe different in size but in look, all the same. So tell me this it is only the exterior that makes us different. So my home may be filled with skulls decorated in every design colour and style but at the end of the day, a skull is neutral. Hidden by our exterior but there. Holding us together keeping us safe. So next time an image of skull appears and you are filled with dread and feelings of fear take a moment to think.

So scrolling our pages you will find skulls of all sorts. Cute ones, dark ones, funny ones and even artistic ones. Remember that many cultures have used skulls as good luck charms. Charms to ward off evil. Skull appear in fashion they are timeless. So go ahead get that Day of the Dead skull – place it lovingly in your lounge and remember you are protected. Remember your mortality. Remember the unachievable question of immortality.

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