Gothic Symbolism

At Tucker our collections and art works are heavily shrouded in symbolism. How does symbolism creep its way into the Gothic genre? Well here is a little dark passage to mull over and ponder when scrolling our pages in your near future. Is there a reason a certain piece seems to draw you in, holds your gaze, memorises your mind.

Symbolism plays an important role in Gothic art, as it is employed to express the underlying meanings that the artist has set out to explore. Symbolism can be found in cultures dating many hundreds of years. Many have a universal connotation that speak to everyone, not just the Goth. But in Gothic art the symbolism draws more towards an intermixing of romantic symbolism leaning towards morality. A piece that leaves one feeling the connection to a time that maybe you have to still experience. In Gothic art a piece of work is not just based on skulls and graveyards. There is a meaning that transcends just the exterior of the item.
So next time a piece holds you, take a moment. Take time to let it speak. You will be drawn in to a feeling, no one really knows why. But Gothic art is shrouded in dark mystery and sensual play.

Let it draw you in. Let in take you in. Breathe.

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