But he doesn’t keep you (Only if you are lucky)

I am not much of a book reader.  But if I do sit down to take in the spoils of pages they must be dark, a little twisted even. I don’t do pages filled with fluff and flowers.  I want to have my mind challenged, my heart must pound a little faster and I must be left wide eyed for at least 2.37 days after.  So in this little piece of myself that I share with you is a little piece from Court of the Dead, that I find myself drawn to.  It is dark but lovely all at the same time.  Oh the genius.  So here goes.

“D’ya see that dash of drop dead gorgeous green in my cheeks?”  You might think it’s enchanting blush of decay but it’s not.

It’s envy.  I’m green with envy, mortal.  I envy you bloats because ignorance is bliss.  But misery loves company, so I’m going to share a little secret with you…

You have nothing to fear from Death –  or as we like to call him here in the underworld, the Alltaker, the Dark shepherd.  For that’s what he must do:  Take your all.  Harvest and herd you little sheep. But he doesn’t keep you.  (Only if you are lucky!)


What a piece, gets the blood flowing and the brain working.  Where do we go, who comes to fetch us, what is next?

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