About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out a little more about Clan Tucker!

Our story

“A gothic fantasy realized”

Often at Tucker Collections we hear things like “I would have loved this stuff if I was still in high school” or my favourite “gosh this stuff is dark”. Of course its’s dark, its gothic. But for us at Tucker, gothic has been in our dark hearts and veins since we were old enough to say no to floral and pink headbands. In high school we were the ones who wore our decrepit old Doc Martin’s with everything and too everything. Even tried to wear them with our uniforms. Never worked but we tried. And don’t forget the black eyeliner. We loved and still love black eyeliner. Never enough of it and always on. The black nail polish just completed the look. But it was so much more than just the look for us. Gothic is rooted in history and architecture. But that’s a whole new scripture.

So in staying true to a style and love for anything dark, macabre and slightly bizarre Tucker was born. We crept into family markets to shock and surprise. We followed events and sprang up at Comic Cons, Medieval Fayres and rAge events. 

We found ourselves finding awesome alternative events where goths and ghouls gathered on a monthly basis. We popped up at all these bizarre events. But we loved it. And before long we realised that South Africa needed a dark gothic store who wasn’t afraid to stock true gothic goodness.

We searched all dark corners of the globe hunting collections that we knew South Africans would love. We found fantasy artists and sculptures who creations leave most speechless. Quality crafted pieces and clothing to satisfy the Gothic need. We keep our range fresh and inspired. We have worked hard to lock suppliers to allow for authentic and licensed collections to grace our pages.

We live and breathe our brand. We are Tucker and Tucker is us. We are dedicated to our customers and ghouls.

So enter the world of macabre and fantasy with us. From skulls to wolves to demons and dragons, a world where the beauty in the dark prevails.

For there is no beauty without a little strange.