We have opened our first store

How can it be that Tucker has taken so long to open a store? A question we asked ourselves many times.  But we finally took the plunge and as they say ‘the rest is history’.  We had a very sure vision of the space we wanted to create.  It had to be a space that left one feeling a bit odd, but in a good way.  Right down to the location, shopping malls are so……ordinary.  We needed a space that suited the shock and horror that Tucker loves.  Hence we ended up where we are.  We have filled every corner and space with something to delight and excite.  We are expanding our clothing of range of shoes and menswear. Not forgetting our reapers and skulls, they are still a big part of our range.  We don’t want just any crap in our store, so we make sure we have brands like Killstar which we buy direct and are official stockists of the brand. We are still stocking up and the shop is an ever evolving beast. So on your next travels head over to the good old south and come say hi.

Shop 6 55 Charl Cilliers Avenue Alberton (Panarama Centre).  You cant miss us, trust us.

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