What is Gothic?

Just the word Gothic is a powerful little vessel. As soon as one hears the word your mind is transported to a place of darkness, an imposing place, dark and mysterious. A place of infinite possibilities and outcomes. But how can a word have so many diverse meanings? How can a word have so many implications? A word once used to describe tribesman and architecture can now be used to define a whole genre and generation all of its own. A person cant escape the influence that Gothic has and how it has crept its way into mainstream culture.

Gothic art features in our daily lives more then we realise. We can take a look at some of the modern day artist who inspire the darkness from deep down. Summoning up images that have been used in books and movies and even tattoos.

Some artists that keep us inspired are

  • Anne Stokes
  • Aly Fell
  • Bob Kehl
  • Janson Engle
  • Jon Hodgson

So before we allow the ramblings of a muggle just remember that Gothic has inspired creations that influence modern life. Gothic is not just your pair of shoes or you black clothes. Gothic transcends across plains. Into architecture into fashion in scripture and into movies. So why not Gothic? Let the mind wonder, visit those places that make your heart race. Switch off the lights and enjoy.

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