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Latrodectus Plush Toy


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The Itsy-Bitsy spider crawled up Hell’s Gate. Down came Armageddon, through the eyes of Eight.

  • White & Black w. Red Accents.
  • Only 3000 Available.
  • Soft Luxe Plush.
  • Size – L: 18cm/7″, W: 35cm/8″, H: 10cm/3.9″.
  • Stuffed With Hocus Pocus.

Normal is an illusion; the creepiest member of the KREEPTURE family has arrived! Seriously cute creepy-crawly, this ‘Latrodectus’ plush toy is a huggable bundle of black and white plush fur with red accents, eight legs, and six sets of eyes. Purrfect for gifting – or best of all, for yourself!

Suitable For Ages 6+

Limited Edition only 3000 available, get it while you can!

With Branding. 100% Poly Mix. CE Approved.

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